Friday, July 2, 2010

Why You Need a Foreign Degree

There are some privileges conferred on people who acquire advanced qualifications in the developed world. The students from the developing countries benefit from these opportunities more.

Entrepreneurship knowledge and Experience

International universities have recognized that the world is rapidly turning into a global entrepreneurship village and have created entrepreneurship programmes alongside the regular academic courses of study to equip the students with the business development and management skills and attitudes that will make a significant difference in the graduate employment market and through life.

The scheme is geared towards cultivating in the student irrespective of your area of study, the habit and consciousness of job creation through business ownership after graduation.

Some of the courses include business startup, entrepreneurship in the creative industry, new venture creation, entrepreneurial finance, internet based business, personal effectiveness and entrepreneurship, etc.

Excellent Employment Success

It is evident that one major reason why most people undertake higher studies is to improve their employment prospects and earning power.

A study in an international university grants the graduant an internationally recognized qualification with the opportunity to take up employment in several countries of the world by reason of his acquired new skills and transferable knowledge in a specialist area.

Also, a great number of graduates secure jobs relatively easily as well as obtain positions in line with their career ambitions and achievements in higher education with higher pay package.

Most universities in the developed nations work hard to ensure that their students graduate with the best prospects. The latest research published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) shows that within six months of graduation, 82% of the students at the University of Westminster who had graduated with a first degree were working or continuing further studies, while 89% of the Masters graduates were also in employment or studying.
Most universities by Times ratings in 2009 on international universities as regards graduate employability scored above 75% in terms of graduate employment.

Moreover, when you graduate from an international university, you’ll automatically become a lifetime member of the University’s alumni community. Your student Identification number becomes your alumni ID number which enables you take full advantage of alumni benefits including joining same on social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

First-rate Links with Industry

International universities especially in the developed world dwell much on practice than theory. This explains why majority of the programmes are vocationally oriented to cultivate in the student relevant vocational skills in line with the demands of today’s employers.

They recognize that partnership lies at the heart of the university’s mission and constantly partner with industry, commerce and the professions, local governments and community organizations.

These arrangements offer the student the opportunity to attend workshops and receive firsthand information and tutorials from experts of various industries.

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